At David Hurd Productions

We Listen! We Understand Your Vision! We Inspire!

With over 40 years of experience we have what it takes to get the job done right. From MTV Videos,  TV shows and Pilots, to Indie Films, Commercials, and Corporate Video, we are dedicated to our client’s needs and enjoy helping them succeed.

As a full service shop, there is no need to go elsewhere. With HD or 4K Video Shooting and Editing, Motion Graphics and Animation, Web Design, SEO, and Sound Design… We have you covered. We can also Transcode your project from your edited master for use on your Website, YouTube, PowerPoint Presentation, or make DVDs and BluRay discs.

Have you ever dreamed of starring in a feature film. DHP can fulfill your innermost fantasy by actually putting you in the title role of whatever you dream yourself to be. How do we do it? Well, think about the old Swartznegger movie “Total Recall”. No, we don’t strap you into a chair and hook electrodes to stimulate your brain. We use top notch, industry video and sound gear, credited crews and award winning writer to develop your story around your dream character and actually film the entire feature with you in the lead role. The miracle of digital video and computer editing makes this dream come true without the ridiculous budget of Hollywood -produced features.

For aspiring actors and actresses, who might be strapped for cash, and who need a visual aid to get them through the studio door, we can do a professional trailer to grab the attention of fire-wall executives.

Our charges are on a sliding scale. Action flicks cost more than limited location dramas, ninety minute features cost more than forty-five second trailers, etc. You are the investor so you tell us what kind of budget you are up for. As the investor, you are in on the process from start to finish. You approve the production from script to the master copy of the finished product.
Your finished DVD is not just a bragging tool for your family and friends. DHP will help you market your movie through Amazon and Internet outlets. And if you decide to take your production to the film festivals, we will help you get a slot.

Our new product is open to any interested party regardless of acting experience. Our coaches will make sure that your performance is adequate to complete the production. All inquiries and consultations are held in privacy and the negotiations kept that way until actual production starts.
If you want to take the trip into stardom, we will work to make it happen for you.

Call us to set up an informational interview. There is no cost during the planning stages. We handle budgets of all sizes, and tailor your project to your needs cost effectively. We are located in Florida, with service Nationwide. Please contact us for a free consultation…(813) 889-9198.

If you are getting older and would like to leave a high quality video of your thoughts on life behind for other generations, we will be happy to help. Here is a 13 minute segment of my own father’s LifeMovie video.

Claudette King from David Hurd on Vimeo.