Review of The Logickeyboard for Apple Final Cut Pro

Logickeyboard’s custom keyboard for Apple Final Cut Pro is based on the original Ultra Thin Apple Pro keyboard. It offers plug-and-play setup with any USB-equipped Mac computer. It has a good feel, and the stylish, modern appearance of the “New Apple Look”.

The difference between my regular keyboard, and this custom keyboard is what it does for my editing speed in FCP.

In addition to writing reviews, I also have a production company that makes TV shows, so I am able to test products in a real world environment. Since I only switched over to MAC a couple of years ago, I find that having the FCP shortcut keys labeled on the keyboard makes myFCP editing a lot simpler and faster.

A nice side effect of this keyboard is that I am actually beginning to memorize the FCP key commands. Another added benefit is that it is slim enough to fit into the pull out keyboard tray under my editing desk, rather than having to live on top of the desk like my regular Mac wireless keyboard.

Mac will allow you to use more than one keyboard at a time. Since the Logickeyboard for FCP features all the regular letter, number, and symbol labeling found on my conventional keyboard, I can use either one, or both if I choose. I use the conventional keyboard for reviews, and my new Logickeyboard for editing.

The Logickeyboard is actually a real Apple Pro extended keyboard, it just has all of the icons for selecting tools, navigating, and editing on color-coded key caps. This week I found that it made sorting P2 clips in Log and Transfer a much easier process. Having the in and out, and the forward and backward keys color-coded made the pre-editing of my 75 clips go much faster. I am still learning FCP, and between the tutorials at and my new FCP logickeyboard, I’m making good progress.

Logickeyboard has also introduced their Advanced line of keyboards. The Pro and advanced lines both use the same keyboard, but instead of the color being molded into the keys, the Advanced keys use a paint guaranteed to outlast the keyboard. It’s basically the same thing, and saves you $45.

They also have released a keyboard for use with Final Cut Studio Color, which you can see on their website.

MSRP: FCP Pro Line $159.00

FCP Advanced Line $114


The system used to test this product is a MacPro dual Quad core 3Ghz computer with 12GB of RAM, an AJA Hle card, 10 Seagate 450GB SAS drives in an AIC case , controlled by an Atto R380 SAS controller, a Gateway 24” computer monitor, and a 17” TV Logic HD monitor for video output.



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