Sony FS100 Camera Accessories from Berkey System

I wanted a small and compact package, and this set-up allowed me to mount my DP4 electronic viewfinder, with my Ninja ProRes, or Black Magic uncompressed recorder without making my rig too big. The cool thing is that as I change my rig, I will have places to mount my new accessories. You can even mount a camera handle or iris rods above your lens.

The Baseplate and rods are also a very lightweight, yet solid system. Also, the camera mounting plate may be moved forward or back, to aid you in balancing your camera. This is really helpful if you are using a large lens, or a rear mounted battery or accessories.

The FS 100 base plate has rod height adjustment that can accommodate just about any lens, follow focus, or matte box. The bottom plate is drilled and tapped to allow you to add their Cross Clamp for creating a cage, or adding additional handles or other accessories.

Since I use both a JBK Cinequip and a Petroff follow focus for focus and zoom control I found that some other rod systems couldn’t take the pressure exerted by the follow focus against the lens, resulting in slippage. The Berkey System was rock solid with every accessory that I tested it with.

The Accessory Mounting Plate Is well designed so that you have access to all of your camera control buttons. It only takes a minute or two to mount the plate to the two 1/4–20 holes on the top of the camera body, plus the 1/4–20 hole on the hot shoe, resulting in a very solid platform on which to mount your accessories.

Good Cine gear is never cheap, but Berkey System offers a good value for your money. It is well designed, and very accurately machined in the USA. It’s a great American product.

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