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Irish Music Singer - Machael Daly Tenor sings love songs, Christian songs, Christmas music, baby lullabies, nursery rhymes, Ave Maria songs, our National Anthium, and many of his Irish music tunes he loves.

Lullabies - Machael Daly Tenor sings baby lullabies, baby songs.


music composerMusic Writer - Discover the biggest myth about making it in the music industry. The Most important thing you can begin doing right now to achieve success in the music industry. The 3 Rules To Live By If You Want To Retire Rich As A Musician. music lyrics, composing music, songwriter, become a professional songwriter,


musical peace WORLD PEACE THROUGH MUSIC, Helping spread world peace through music.
musical peace, Peace on Earth, peace,
peace through music

astronomy and musica information ASTRONOMY AND MUSIC INFORMATION , Astronomy information, binocular telescopes, high power telescopes, astronomy observing projects, as well as music and literary links.

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