“When I needed a music video, I called David Hurd Productions in Florida from my home in Atlanta. The contract was done by mail, and when I arrived in Tampa for the shoot, everything was ready. David had secured not only the location, but 40 extras, food, lighting, playback and a camera crew. The video was shot in an amazing 3 hours rather than 3 days, and it turned out great. I was so happy to be able to do one of my dad’s songs.”

Claudette King (Daughter of BB.King)


“I enjoyed working with David Hurd of David Hurd Productions on my last project. I had paid another company to do the project, and they only wasted my time and money. David successfully got his crew and all of the actors to work well together. No time was wasted waiting for actors to show up, or the crew to get their act together. This made for a very cost effective production. He was an honest person to deal with, and did everything that he promised, in fact, he exceeded my expectations by continuing to fine tune my master, even after it was finished and paid for in full. The result was a great looking project that I am proud to show, that wasn’t even one penny over budget. I will use him again for my future projects”

George Messer


“I’ve worked with David on 38, thirty minute shows and over a hundred :30 second commercials. His work is exemplary and he completes editing on time. I look forward to working with David on my next TV series”

Glenn Boyles

Americas Voice of Home Improvement®


“David is very patient and very thorough. He is on time with anything he says that he will do, which seems hard to find these days. He gave me great input on how to spice up my presentation style. I come from a more reserved doctor presentation style, yet he made me much more exciting. My wife thought I was a different person! He is outstanding with lighting, transitions and creating a logical action packed film/video. I could not imagine a better editor and producer than David Hurd. I’d highly recommend him to anyone looking for filming and/or editing. You can’t go wrong with David Hurd Productions!!”

Todd Perla M.D.


I worked with David for over 8 months on a project that produced 12 videos on Traditional Cooking for the Weston A. Price Foundation.  The videos have been extremely well received by the over 15,000 Foundation members worldwide.
David is extremely professional and easy to work with.  As a newbie to video production, his guidance proved invaluable as I learned the ropes about how to prepare a set, read a teleprompter and in general produce a professional quality video that would appeal to a wide ranging audience.
David’s fees are fair and reasonable and yet he never hesitates to go above and beyond with the client’s best interests in mind.
I plan to work with David Hurd Productions again on future video projects.

Sarah Pope,

“The Healthy Home Economist”