Artist Services

Did You Know That Every Day YouTube Alone Has over 100 MILLION Unique Visitors, Viewing 6 BILLION Videos Daily?

The Internet is no longer text and pictures, as an Artist, you have to find ways to make yourself Stand Out. The people interested in You as a product demand more. A well produced video is a great tool to help you Stand Out, and we have a ton of unique ways that we can help to make you Visible to those potential Producers.


  • Promo Videos – We can add footage, Graphics, Photos, Music, Interviews, and Video into an eye-catching marketing tool. If you don’t have enough material, let’s create some. These are great for Social Marketing, KickStarter, and Indie 6060 Campaigns.
  • Demo Reels – Whether it’s editing your Sizzle Reel, creating new footage, or just making a flashy open and close for your clips, we have you covered.
  • Auditions – Help the decision maker make up their mind in your favor with a professionally made video. You can let the Director see your audition in a real setting with nice lighting and other actors, or just make a Hi Def monologue. Either way, it will be impressive, and could be just the edge you need to succeed. These type of videos work equally well with showing off your Special skills, or the Organization that you are promoting.
  • Streaming video – If you must do an audition or interview via Skype, we can offer Hi Def 1080p streaming to make you look your best, or 720p streaming and recording, so that you can have a video recording of both sides of the event.
  • Special Music Video for Actors and Models – A unique way to make you shine over your competition is to set your Acting or Modeling to Music, working from a script, and produced like a Music Video.