Gear List

Smart Slider PRO

. One Black Magic 4K Production Camera recording 4K 12 bit RAW, or ProRez 422 with 13 stops of latitude. 2x doubler, Rokonon 24mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm T1.5 prime Cine lenses, V- mount, and Juiced link XLR audio interface. Berkey Systems Rods, and handles, Alphatron EVF,

Marshall 7″ monitor. Petroff 4×4 3 stage matte box with flags, and Tiffen 4×4 IRNDs, and polarizer filters.

• Anton Bauer Litepanel Microlight


Audio Package:

• PSC Alphamix 4 Channel mic mixer with Portabrace case, AA battery adapter, and

• IDX JL-2 Plus charger (4) NP-50 Batteries

• 20′ camera snake

• Loon Audio 21’ Fishpole

• Loon Audio 8’ Fishpole and Sennheiser 416 shotgun mic, Sennheiser shock mount, zeppelin, and fur wind cover for high-wind situations.

• Ktec softie with shock mount for 416 mic for indoor use.

• AT 8531 omni Boundary mic

• 2 Sony digital headphones with 4 Ch PSC Alphamix mixer

• 2 Tram TR50 BSET+ lav mics

• 1 Countryman B6 lav mic

• 2 Sennheiser MKE4 lav mics

• 1 Sennheiser MKE2 cartoid lav mic

• 2 Sennheiser 100 series RF transmitters and receivers, and 1 Sennheiser AVX RF hand-held mic

• Various mic and connecting cables

• Shock mount

• CAD E-100 Studio mic


Tripods and Sliders:

• Miller DS20, and Manfrotto 501 Tripods, Smart Systems 2′ and 4′ sliders, on 2 American Grip Dana Dolly combo stands.

• K-Tec and Manfrotto Monopods for use with cameras

• Anton Bauer Ultralight 2 on-camera light

• Multicart for moving gear

Lighting Kit:

Interview Lighting

Interview Lighting

• Lowell 150w hair light

• Flashpoint fpcl1300 LED 1×1′ light

• 2 arms for holding reflectors

• (3) 600w dimmers, (4) 1000w dimmer

• Sennheiser

• 2 Manfrotto MUSE lights

• 2  RPS Studio LED 1000w lights (5200k with dimmers) and two Wescott 16×22 softboxes

• 360 LED Bi-Colored light, AC/DC 2800K-6500K

• Westcott 6-in-1 reflector kit

• KATA light stand case with 6 stands and 2 arms to hold reflectors

• Gel frames, and assorted CC and ND gels

• 5’X7’ and 9’x18′ ChromaPop Portable Green screens with frame

• Wescott 4 in 1 reflector kit with white, silver, and gold reflectors

• AC cables and AC strips, video cables

• (2) large C stands with arms

• (1) short C stand with platform for HD monitor

• SunBounce reflector

• Sunswatter 5×7 portable silk

• Roscoe rolls of CTO and ND for window treatment

• Grip case with gloves, various clamps, rope, bungie cords, and audio test gear


 Monitors, Batteries and Chargers:

• Marshall 7” portable AC/DC  SDI HD monitor with waveform, vectorscope, peaking, and camera mount

• 2s2 Portable 17” AC/DC ultrabright daylight viewable SDI HD monitor

• Blueshape battery charger with 6 Blueshape batteries







• MacPro 6 core with 64GB RAM,two D700 cards and Mac OSX Mavericks, connected to four Gspeed esPro RAID enclosures via two HighPoint Rocketstor RAID controllers.
The Black Magic Design UltraStudio 4K for DaVinci Resolve Color Grading software, and there is a 32″ computer monitor and a 32″ Boland broadcast monitor for viewing output.

sound library disks for making Soundtracks. Focusrite Clarett 4 Pre interface with Sennheiser MK8 Studio mic. Pro Tools 12 with Waves and Isotope plugins, and EZ Drummer II software. 200,000 professional Sound FX tracks for Foley work with Soundminer database.

• A 48″ LG 4K/720p/1080p display to check final output on a regular TV

• Mackie 1402 VLZ Audio mixer

• Genelec 1029A Studio monitors

• G-RAID 8TB G Speed Q

• Pro Tools audio software with plugins from Waves and isotope

. DaVinci Resolve 12 software for color correction

• FCPX, with over 3000 FX plug-ins for Final Cut Pro X

• BluRay DVD burner

• Over 10,000 video clips from Art Beats, Footagefirm, Rampant Design FX, and Digital Juice Video Traxx

• Digital Juice Jump Backs, Editor’s Tool Kit